My Spiritual Direction Logo

I found this image on one of those commercial image database sites. I instantly knew this was the logo I wanted for my Spiritual Direction website presence. It reflects for me the dynamic I experience in Spiritual Direction.

I gather whoever created it had a Christian motif in mind. The image evokes the character of the Christian Trinity as the Father, Son, and the Spirit in holy dance – or perichoresis. The Greek word “perichoresis” comes from two Greek words, peri, which means “around” and chorea, which means “dance.” The word Perichoresis is not found in the New Testament. It was employed by the Church Fathers a few centuries later to describe relationships within the Trinity. The word beautifully reflects the delicate intimacy and reciprocity where God is defined by the relationship. One takes the lead, and then another, and as in dance each humbly gives way to the other.

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