Welcome to my Spiritual Direction website.

That you found your way here might mean you sense a yearning which is difficult to describe.  Perhaps you have a feeling of being adrift in life and desire to experience greater meaning and direction.

You might specifically desire a

greater closeness to God.

Maybe just religious beliefs are no longer enough for you and you desire a faith that flows more from the heart.

The reason you have arrived at my website might not include any  I’ve mentioned.  Whatever the case, you are welcome to look around the website pages.

I hope what you see will help you discern if Spiritual Direction is the resource you are looking for at this moment in your life.  Also, there are links to where you can get contact details for Spiritual Directors, or you might choose to contact me.

Briefly, Spiritual Direction has similarities with counselling, though usually not focussed on a problem or particular issue.  Spiritual Direction, as the name implies, is a support to ‘spiritual’ growth, or formation.  Spiritual Direction sessions usually take about an hour on a monthly basis.

Spiritual Direction is setting aside some time to tell your own story with the purpose of finding meaning in every area of your life: home, work, play, body, mind and spirit.

While at times during a session the subject might include talk of religious belief, or spiritual concepts, at other times the subject will be the most ordinary elements of daily life as they are component to the wonder, mystery, and meaning of life.

For a longer description of Spiritual Direction, click on this link.

What Does a Spiritual Director offer?

I prefer to speak personally on this.  The first thing I offer as a Spiritual Director is my intentional endeavour in my own spiritual formation and growth.  I do not so much offer learned professional skills, as a psychologist might, rather I give myself daily to experiences that bring about transformation in my own life.  Thus I am a companion in the messy, yet enthralling, endeavour to realise what it is to be simply human.

In a Spiritual Direction session I listen, without judgement, witness to joys and challenges, the mundane and profound,  in the life of the directee.  Patiently attentive to the truth of the directee’s life.  As imaged in the heart shape logo with three persons, it is as if wisdom becomes present.  I describe that wisdom like a third element, or person, in the direction session, that becomes part of the directee’s knowing.

Would you like to discuss this further?

You can contact me on my mobile 0427625502 or by email tom@thestuarts.id.au

I am happy to respond to any questions, or discuss more generally your seeking Spiritual Direction.  I offer Spiritual Direction via Skype.  However, I may be able to provide assistance if you would like to find a Spiritual Director close to you.

For Spiritual Directors note I also provide professional supervision.

Ways to contact me

The Graphics

The Home Page photo is of the Eringa Waterhole, South Australia, and was taken by Eddie Wilkie, Alice Springs.  I’m grateful to Eddie for his permission to use this amazing photo of an iconic element of Australian geography.

The “Dancing Heart” is a logo I purchased which brilliantly represents my experience of Spiritual Direction.  A heart experience with an often sensed third joining the dance – Sophia (Wisdom).