Preparing for Spiritual Direction

Tending Your heart,
Preparing for Spiritual Direction

Find a quiet space and reflect on the movements of your heart, tending as a loving mother or father would tend an infant, or a gardener would look after a much-loved plant.

You might like to respond to some of the following:

  • How is my body feeling?
  • How is my spirit feeling?
  • What is the general tone of my life lately?

You might express this in terms of colours, temperature, landscape, aromas, anything that helps give expression to your experience.

  • Describe the rhythm of your life.
  • How would you describe the quality of your loving?
  • name the experiences and relationships that are communicating to you a sense of God’s presence.
  • Or are you experiencing God as absent?
  • Describe your way of praying at the present time.
  • Again use feelings, colours, images, to give expression to the felt sense of prayer.
  • Begin with an outer felt sense, then focus interiorly.
  • Identify and place some words or images on this deep interior felt sense.
  • Is there a specific prayer time that it would be helpful to return to?
  • How are you relating to God at this time of your life?
  • What are your favourite names or images for God?
  • Are there any decisions you need to make that require discerning God’s desiring for you?
  • In what area of your life do you sense God inviting you to grow?

Adapted from Philip A. St. Romain.

Check out his book:

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